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Bike Ride Talamban-Budlaan-Busay

Bike ride again! Enjoy!

talamban - budlaan - busay mountain bike route

dirt road

my bike gear

lamp post

keeping me company

out for a walk

blooming tree

view of trancentral highway in Busay

im almost there

exit to trancentral highway

total ride distance

‘Til next time!



Solo Bike Ride Talamban-Budlaan-Pulangbato-Pit-os

Last friday night I decided to try a new route for my biking trips since my usual biking routes were bordering into becoming a chore. I tried to remember last’s week trek to Budlaan river and thought that it was actually a pretty good bike trail. So yesterday morning I got up at 5AM while everyone in the house were still snoring in their sleep, threw on my helmet, and rode out into the morning mist.

You can trace my ride on google earth with this neat app I downloaded to my cellphone called  iMapMyRide (click here and here.)

I was feeling great by the time I reached Sunny Hills in Talamban. The cold morning wind had done it’s job of awakening my spider senses. The road climb up to Budlaan was a bit slippery due to the previous night’s rain so I pedaled slower than usual. Still, mud made its way into my shirt, shorts, and occassionaly to my handsome face but I wasn’t too concerned about it. I took a pit stop about 200 meters before I reached point where the road split in two directions, one of which led to Busay and the other leading to Budlaan proper.

Actually this was an unscheduled stop. My breaths were getting shorter, evidence for being out of shape and neglecting to ride my bike for close to three weeks. The thoughts of giving up the climb and heading back were starting to pop inside my head but I willed myself to get on my bike and rode straight on. After I passed the sign that pointed to Budlaan Proper, all bikerhell broke loose. The road rose to a 50 degree incline. It was pretty steep and I just couldn’t ride it in one go. Huffing, puffing, stopping, and even resorting to walking, I plodded on. I probably made three stops to catch my breath. I also whipped out my camera and pretended to admire the scenery every time a motorcycle passed me by so as not to obviously look like an out-of-breath biker.
another stop

When I thought that my lungs were finally going to burst and I would fall off the cliff and break my neck and die, I reached Budlaan Proper.

budlaan proper

Yikes! the uphill climb just wont seem to end…
oh crap

After another few minutes rest I started once more on the last part of the climb. My pace was so slow that even my bike speedometer mocked me by registering 0 km/h. To elaborate even further, even ants were happily walking past me by. All of it felt like I was in a nightmare wherein everything was in slow motion. But that didn’t matter as long as I was surely getting nearer to the top with every push of the pedal. I knew the top was just right around the corner.

Til at last, the “top”.

at the highest point of the route

highest point

A few meters from the “top” the paved road abruptly gave way to a mountain biker’s paradise. 🙂

single track trail starts

The rain last Friday night made the trail pretty slick. I had to summon all of my limited mountain biking skill trying not to crash. I have to tell you though, every freakin’ damn pedal stroke to get to this point was all worth it!

(I only took pictures at the easy part of the trail because my fingers were too busy gripping the brakes to even bother while navigating on the difficult areas)

I even chanced upon a dead snake sprawled across on the trail. I didn’t have the heart to just run over it’s dead body so I stopped.


In truth, I was mostly too chicken and afraid thinking that the snake was just playing dead and would bite me once I touched it. There was no way to ride around the snake since the trail was pretty narrow. So I got off, carried my bike and stepped over the snake, got on the bike again and rode like crazy desperately praying that the snake wouldn’t rise from the dead and eat me.

The trail ended after about 30 minutes of riding. I had arrived in Pulangbato. I took some pictures of the bridge that the locals told me led to Guba and other baranggays with excellent mountain biking trails.

water under the bridge


After a couple more kilometers, I exited to the main road.

exit to Pit-os

After that it was easy ride back home. Total ride distance: 30km. Total ride time: 2:12Hrs.

Til next time!


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